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Take a Drive!

The Sunday Drive: Neighborhoods

Do you remember the Sunday drive?  The whole family would pile into the car to take an unhurried cruise up into the mountains or through the countryside.  You’d spend the time daydreaming, reading, or perhaps fighting with the sibling who kept scooting over onto your side of the backseat (you know who you are Dannelle.)

How many of you take that sort of drive through neighborhoods?  It’s a great way to explore different areas and find one you’d love to move into at some point.  By getting to know the characteristics such as traffic flow, noise level, amenities, and proximity to conveniences ahead of time, you might save yourself from ending up an unhappy new homeowner.

In our fast-paced market there isn’t a lot of time to reflect before writing an offer on a home.  This can sometimes lead to falling in love with a house… in a location you want to break up with soon after the move-in date.  By knowing your target areas ahead of buying time, you can take a more leisurely approach, do your homework regarding median sale price and property taxes, and in a sense, ‘try before you buy’.

As you narrow in on particular subdivisions, plan to make both a day and night visit- the whole atmosphere can change at different times of day.  Also take note of possible future growth indicated by empty lots.  Pay attention to the things that are important to you; nearby parks, privacy, large yard, mature landscaping?  How long does it take to drive to work and/or school?  What is your overall impression of the area?  Can you picture yourself living here?  Try areas you’ve never been in before!

I’m also a believer in envisioning your future.  We seldom do what we don’t first dream😊

Colorado Housing Connects

We receive a lot of questions regarding housing; in particular, questions related to renting.  What recourse does a tenant have if they feel they’ve not been treated fairly?  To whom can they go with questions related to a lease?  What if a person is having a hard time finding affordable housing?  I’m facing eviction… what do I do?  Help is available… and part of our mission is to get that message out by sharing resources when we find them!  

Colorado Housing Connects is one such entity.  Who might need their services, and what do they provide?

“We are dedicated to providing Coloradans with reliable and trustworthy access to information regarding affordable housing, housing assistance, tenant rights, and more. While we may not have the magic solution to every problem, we commit that your call with a navigator will leave you more informed, and equipped to handle your housing issue.”

According to their website, they provide referrals to resources such as: 

  • Affordable housing
  • Landlord/tenant counseling (general disputes, evictions, security deposit disputes, habitability concerns)
  • Homeownership and foreclosure prevention counseling
  • Programs for seniors and those with special housing needs
  • Minor repair, rehab, and accessibility modification programs
  • Fair housing concerns
  • Emergency housing

Here’s what to expect when you call:

  • Education and referrals to housing resources
  • Bilingual, English and Spanish representative
  • Educational and referral information free of charge

I appreciate their honesty in stating that they don’t have magic solutions to every problem.  Housing is a basic human right, and many of us wish we could wave a magic wand to provide that for everyone.  It can be discouraging to face the reality; the need for affordable housing far outweighs the availability. both tenants and landlords get taken advantage of, and navigating the system can be confusing and time-consuming.  Makes me think of the old joke, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  Having access to information is a huge bite.  Knowledge is power.  Let’s each do our part to share resources and empower ourselves and others. 



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Colorado Springs Area Military Housing Office Contact Info

PCSing to the area and looking for contact info for the on base housing offices…here you go!

reno-airshow-175520_640Fort Carson
Balfour Beatty Communities 

Peterson AFB
Military Housing Site 

Tierra Vista 

Schreiver AFB 
Tierra Vista

USAFA (US Air Force Academy)
Air Force Academy Housing

If you’re looking for off base housing, please don’t hesitate to give Rob Thompson, Associate Broker with The Agency, a call at 719-440-6626!

From the inbox: (Colorado Springs) Do owner occupied homes sell slower?

image from pixabay

I was asked this question recently and the answer is surprising. 

In a word, no.

Let’s qualify that no with some data. I ran a search in the Pikes Peak MLS for the last 180 days and this is what I found.

For closed sales, “owner occupied” in the last 180 days, the average Days on Market (DOM) was 19.

For closed sales, “tenant occupied” in the last 180 days, the average DOM was 17.

For closed sales, with “none” selected as an occupancy status in the last 180 days, the average DOM was 30.

Surprising results for sure and other than sample size, there is no readily available means to parse the “why” of this.

What do you make of this?

Rob Thompson, Associate Broker
The Agency Colorado Springs – 719-440-6626